WalkWorks Stencils Offer Path to Fitness

Smethport Web — by Claudia Caminite

Have you seen the WalkWorks stencils guiding you on a 1.8 mile loop from Hamlin Memorial Library to Main Street, through the park and back to the library?

Follow those foot steps to the path of fitness. All you need is a pair of tennis shoes.

Walking is a great way to get healthy and have fun with your family and friends of all ages! Regular walking at a moderate pace can:
  – Help you control your weight
  – Provide stress relief
  – Improve your mood and sleep
  – Strengthen your bones and muscles
  – Reduce the risk for depression, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke and breast and colon cancers
  – Improve your ability to manage arthritis
  – Reverse normal age-related memory loss
  – Delay the development of Alzheimer’s disease

Once you have your shoes, it is time to put some miles on them. Look for posters and other information in Smethport about WalkWorks. Visit www.PAwalkworks.com for route maps and walking group dates, times and locations in Smethport, Port Allegany, Kane and Bradford. You can also contact Claudia Caminite at 814-362-5066 or clc209@pitt.edu for more information or to start a new walking group.