Heritage Council

Smethport Heritage Community Report 2009

A progress report on implementation of the Work Plan to entice tourists to Smethport and build economic activity has been issued.

The report summarizes achievements to date and describes project plans under consideration.

The Work Plan, updated as of July 27, 2009, is now available to view or download.

The Heritage Council participates in community revitalization projects that preserve, protect and promote the historical, cultural and wilderness resources of Smethport.

By working with residents, local businesses and other interested groups, the Council seeks to build a greater awareness of Smethport’s past and show how these resources contribute to tourism, the economy, and quality of life of Smethport.

Through various committees, the Council contributes to the fulfillment of the Route 6 Heritage Community program, which is administered by the Pennsylvania Route 6 Tourist Association, and the Pennsylvania Route 6 Heritage Corporation.

WQRM Les Jordan of the Heritage Council sat down with Rose Bishop of WQRM radio to provide a brief history of the organization and an update on some of its activities. Among the topics discussed are the Mansion District Walking Tour, Smethport Creative Arts League, Potato Creek Trail Association, the Goose Chaser Trail and Hamlin Lake Park.

The working committees of the Heritage Council are:

Anyone interested in participating in the activities of the Heritage Council is invited to contact Les Jordan at lesdjordanjr@verizon.net.

Read the Heritage Council’s Vision Statement.