McKean County Historical Society Museum at the Old Jail in Smethport Seeks Volunteers

The McKean County Historical Society Museum at the Old Jail in Smethport is seeking an array of volunteers.

As a non-profit organization, assistance from the community is always much needed for the many tasks and goals that the museum aspires to accomplish. Consider sharing your time and talent in the following areas:

Groundwork has begun for two of the largest endeavors: refurbishing/renovating the fire tower and the upstairs sheriff apartment, but there is still much to be done. Anyone with skills in electrical, painting, carpentry or general use of tools would be most welcome. Scraping paint, mending broken items, painting walls and ceilings are just a few of the chores to be tackled.

Carpentry help is also needed to assist with the building of shelves for the third story and garage storage areas. Those with finer painting skills would be most appreciated in the upcoming restoration project during July for the collection of the MCHS Leonard B. Johnson lawn displays. Also, two matching kiosks from the former Star movie theater in Smethport were donated to the museum, to be used for signs by the museum’s front doors, that require rewiring and painting.

For those who enjoy history, volunteers are needed to read and transcribe historically significant letters and other vintage correspondence. Docents to assist with tours, inventory and taking photos of donated items are also much needed.

Those who enjoy being outdoors or doing work in the garden are needed to assist with some basic landscaping needs such as trimming bushes, watering plants and pulling weeds.

Call the Old Jail Museum at (814) 887-5142 to volunteer or to inquire about further details/ information.