Smethport Borough Community Reforestation Project Near Completion

Smethport Web — by Jovanna Porter

Residents of Smethport are witnessing the finishing touches of the third phase of Smethport’s community reforestation project. The project is a joint venture between the Borough, the Smethport Shade Tree Commission, and McKean County Redevelopment Authority Community Development Block Grant funds.

Kane Lawn and Garden, as the successful bidder, is currently planting the final 86 trees throughout Smethport Borough.

Borough residents applied for trees through the Borough last year. The Shade Tree Commission made home visits to inspect possible tree planting sites and offered suggestions for appropriate tree species for the various locations.

It is very important that the newly planted trees are kept hydrated, and home-owners are asked to make sure their tree is watered frequently. The first year after transplant is critical for young trees. Water is necessary to ensure their survival.

Call 814-598-7403 with any questions.