Community Reforestation Plan Underway

The ShadeTree Commission is in the first phase of a multi-phase reforestation project. The first phase involves the removal of diseased, dying and hazardous trees from Borough property and along streets. Most of these are Sugar Maple trees, eleven of which were so big that an outside firm had to be called in to safely remove them.

WQRM In this radio interview with WQRM’s Rose Bishop, Jovanna Porter discusses the ShadeTree Commission, its programs, and the current reforestation effort. She explains the criteria used in selecting various trees for removal, noting that no healthy trees are being taken down.  

Mrs. Porter also discusses the August 12 shade tree walk, which will feature Dr. Tim Pierson, who will talk about trees. Participants will learn about Smethport’s reforestation plan and how to assess the general health of mature trees and how to select, plant and care for newly planted trees.

Check the community calendar for details.