Top Ten Signs Spring Has Arrived in Smethport

Smethport Web — by Nathan Muller

Last year on this day, the temperature ranged from 32 to 39 degrees throughout the day. Today, the temperature hit 78 degrees, according to the digital readout over Hamlin Bank.

Even without a temperature gauge, you know Spring has arrived in Smethport when…

  1. Your mind insists on boots and sweaters, but your body craves flip-flops and shorts.
  2. The Borough Council is seen celebrating with high-fives and body slams over anticipated savings in road salt.
  3. The town’s three Corvettes have finally been unleashed from their trickle chargers for a bashful dash to the car wash.
  4. Motorcyclists are heard flexing their engines on Route 6, ostensibly to clear wheezing carburetors, but really to remind the rest of us they’re back.
  5. Drivers hauling residual waste have abandoned their winter scowl in favor of a dreamy “stroll in the tulips” demeanor.
  6. Once eager to break out their new snow blowers, Smethport husbands now must deal with the crippling guilt of not being able to mow the lawn soon enough.
  7. Smethport students must buck up to one of today’s harsh realities – no more snow days.
  8. Smethport teachers — competing with spring fever and far-away minds — have stopped pretending there’s enough time left to teach the test.
  9. Porch parties in the Historic District are being held not for the fun of getting together with neighbors, but for the bragging rights.
  10. Canada geese return to Hamlin Lake – Wait a minute… They never left!