Stream Bank Stabilization Underway Along Marvin Creek

Smethport Web – by Nathan Muller

Marvin Creek stream bank gets stabilized with logs to help prevent further damage from erosion and help protect the wildlife habitat.Smethport Borough and the McKean County Conservation District are working on a joint project to stabilize the stream bank along Marvin Creek on the west of Hamlin Lake, near the Little League baseball field.

Borough employees have removed some of the retaining wall’s concrete blocks and Conservation District personnel are installing wood poles in that space. This will be followed by rock cover — also known as “riprap” — to help prevent more of the bank from washing away. These steps also help preserve the area’s wildlife habitat.

The primary goal of the Conservation District is the development, improvement and conservation of the County’s Soil, water and related resources as well as educating the community in various conservation and environmental practices and methods.