Smethport Audience Learns True Meaning of Memorial Day

Bradford Era — by Fran De Lancey

Zach Pearson, McKean County director of Veteran Affairs, spoke about two misconceptions the public has about veterans during his address Monday at the Memorial Day program in Smethport.

Speaking on the steps of the courthouse, Pearson said, “Most of us are familiar with the old adage, ‘Old soldiers never die, they just fade away.’ That saying is grossly untrue on two accounts.

“First of all, old soldiers do die, often in combat; and so do young soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen. Pearson cited those members of the U.S. armed forces, young and old, men and women from every branch of the military service, who die defending this nation and its way of life. “They fight in popular and unpopular wars in countries all over the world. They carry the American flag and the ideals and values for which it stands, to every corner of the world. Read more