Non-Profit Organizations Contribute to Community Earth Day in Smethport

Smethport Web — by Lorraine Jacobs

Shavers Creek Raptor Show, Wild Woods Animal Park and Hemlocks Springs Center are among the non-profit organizations that will contribute to Community Earth Day in Smethport on May 30.

In addition to a special line-up of environmental professionals and outdoor enthusiasts, these and other non-profit organizations will contribute their expertise and special interests to the festival, which is open to the public.

Penn State’s Outreach Program is traveling to Hamlin Lake Park in Smethport PA to present a program about some of nature’s mightiest predators, the raptors. Shaver’s Creek Bird Experts will present the show from 12:00 to 1:00 on the island area of the park in an effort to raise public awareness about these birds and the issues they confront.

Wild Woods Animal Park of Clarendon, PA will grace the event with some special animal visitors. This non-profit organization is dedicated to the perpetuity of wild species through its preserve (open to the public by appointment) and education and outreach programs.

Hemlock Springs Center, located near Austin PA, hosts special events for youth and families from May to October. Their mission is to “…create a learning environment in a natural setting that will encourage the preservation of the old ways and expand the mind and soul through participation in the arts in nature.”

These special guests are part of a day intended to bring families together to learn about the environment and explore the area’s natural heritage.

Admission to the events is FREE. Please join in the fun at Hamlin Lake Park on May 30, from 10am to 2pm.