Murder Trial to be Held in Smethport — Get Your Tickets Now

Smethport Web — by Nathan Muller

The McKean County Historical Society will host a re-enactment of a murder trial committed in Kane during the early 1930s.

The program, to be held at 7:00 pm on February 18th, rescheduled from last September, will be dedicated to Regis Mutzabaugh, a prominent attorney who started his career in Kane in 1926 with the law firm of Mullen and Woods.

The trial selected by the Society depicts the keen mind of attorney Mutzabaugh and some of the prejudices of the era. The trial will be portrayed in the large courtroom of the McKean County Court House in Smethport.

Normally, the Society re-enactment spans two nights, with the verdict of the original trial withheld to give the public an opportunity to decide for themselves on the guilt or innocence of the suspect. After the final performance, the actual verdict is revealed. But the February re-enactment will take only one night.

For tickets, you can call the Society office at 814-887-5142 or pick them up at Lindgren’s. Tickets cost $10 per person.