Historic Registry Procedure


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A. To encourage the preservation and protection of historic, architectural, cultural, and aesthetic resources for the general welfare;

B. To identify, designate, and assist Historic Districts and Historic Properties to encourage the preservation and enhance their historic, architectural, cultural, and aesthetic significance;

C. To preserve and enhance the environmental quality of Smethport neighborhoods & business district;

D. To strengthen the Borough’s economic base by the stimulation of cultural tourism;

E. To foster development and manage growth;

F. To foster civic pride in the beauty and accomplishments of the Borough’s past;

G. Further, all recommendations of the Smethport Historic Property Registry will be strictly voluntary, educational, and informative.

5. Additional Purposes of the Smethport Historic Property Commission and Registry

A. Surveys

The Smethport Historic Property Commission and Registry will encourage surveys of historic sites, encourage recommendations to the Borough Council on the historic preservation element of the master plan, advise the Borough Council on development in an historic district or on historic sites designated on the official master plan.

B. Educational Role

The Smethport Historic Property Registry will serve an informational, and educational role in the Borough of Smethport so that significant architecture and sites can be identified and enhanced.

C. Development Applications

The Smethport Borough shall encourage each owner and new owners of property to apply for the Smethport Historic Property Registry. The Smethport Historic Property Registry Commission may include voluntary recommendations as to potential historical preservation and enhancement of the property. On receiving the completed Smethport Historic Property Registry Application, the commission will review the application and either approve or disprove the application on belf of the Borough. Even if the commission rejects the application guidelines for historic development may be suggested to the applicant.

D. Smethport Historic Property Registry in Regard to Permit Applications.

1) When an application is made to the Borough for a building permit, the administrative officer shall advise the applicant of the Smethport Historic Property Registry Application opportunity.

2) The Smethport Historic Property Registry Commission report and recommendation shall be made to the applicant within forty-five (45) days (or sooner) after receipt of a complete application. This report shall be in the form of a Certificate of Registry, or a Denial of a Certificate of Registry. A complete application includes all information requested in the application form as well as any additional documentation the applicant wishes to attach that will assist the Historic Property Registry Commission in determining whether the proposed property is appropriate for the Smethport Historic Property Registry. A complete application may include but is not required to include (but is not limited to) plans, elevations, sections, details, samples, photographs, and streetscapes. The Borough may issue guidelines to help residents of the Borough to submit complete applications for Certificates of Registry and may help guide the contractor into voluntary restoration and enhancement of the historic property or design enhancement of new construction to better blend with surrounding historic structures.

E. Certificate of Registry

1) A Certificate of Registry or a Denial of a Certificate of Registry shall include the reasons for the Commission’s finding the proposed project appropriate or not appropriate.

2) All projects receiving a Certificate of Registry and all applications for development in Historic Districts or on Historic Sites shall be encouraged to volutarily enhance the historic character of the building and its signage.

Approved by Smethport Borough Council 3/13/2006

Borough of Smethport, Pennsylvania Historic Property Registry Resolution

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