30 Years Ago Smethport Football Made History

Bradford Era – by Cory Angell

“It was a change you could see coming over three years,” said Bob Parana, former Kane-based WLBI radio announcer. “Near the end of the 1990 season my co-host Barry Morgan and I looked at each other. We thought, there is something special with this team, it’s coming.”

It was the start of something special. The Smethport Hubbers began to perform at a high standard, and it would culminate in the 1993 State Championship.

“Carl Defilippi brought something special to Smethport,” said Parana. “But it wasn’t just Defilippi. It was a group of people and players that came together at that point and time, the stars aligned.”

“I think back as a player, and to me the players were all the pieces of the puzzle,” said Mike Cioffi, former Smethport running back from the 1993 season. “Then there was the frame around it that brought those pieces together, the coaches, the school and community. It all came together.” Read More