The Great Kinzua Bridge – New Hardcover Book Released by Forest Press

November 14, 2012

Smethport Web

Forest Press has released The Great Kinzua Bridge, a pictorial history of the building of the phenomenal rail viaduct, started in 1882.

Using vintage photos from historical archives and contemporary images captured by Ed Bernik, award-winning Pennsylvanian photographer, the book chronicles the design and engineering of the original iron bridge, its refurbishment in steel, and its ultimate transformation into a monument celebrating American ingenuity and optimism.

The Great Kinzua Bridge – New Hardcover Book Released by Forest PressThe story includes profiles of the people whose stories are intertwined with the bridge, from Civil War hero and builder Thomas L. Kane, to renowned design engineer Octave Chanute and daredevil Odo Valentine who flew an aircraft between its towers. Read More »

The Great Kinzua Bridge (6″ x 9″) is 112 pages long and features more than 150 photos and illustrations, including rare nineteenth century images of the construction of the viaduct, and detailed photos of the steel restoration project undertaken in 1900. Order Now »

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